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FLAT ROOFING | [Pitched]

Traditionally, flat roofs would have been covered with felt – a paper or fibre material that is impregnated in bitumen and then covered with a layer of gravel to protect the felt from the elements.

Draylon: Liquid-applied roofing systems offer a seamless, cold-applied roof coating which strong and flexible.

EPDM: Also known as a rubber roof, EPDM is a great value option – it is cheaper than a PVC roofing membrane and often come with a 25 year guarantee. Rubber roofs are lightweight, strong and hardwearing, and they can withstand foot traffic without damage.

GRP roofing: can be manufactured in any colour and is usually laid in one to two layers with a jointless finish. It is weatherproof, highly damage resistant and any repairs that need to be made are easily carried out and almost invisible.

Hot Felt: Built-up felt roofing is a well-established method method of weather proofing that uses modern bituminous membranes. felt that is designed to move with the building, which in turn increases system life-expectancy, to increase this further we can install a Solar Reflective system.

Modern high-performance felt roofing can be installed using traditional ‘pour and roll’ or torch-applied techniques.